Pretty Good Things: April 2018


Columbus, 2017, Kogonada, Hulu

Dialogue heavy, modernist architecture-heavy, John Cho walking around beautiful spaces in fitted shirts-heavy, with Rory Culkin as a librarian obsessed w/ marginalia and also Parker Posey being Parker Posey (this is all extremely my shit).

Barracuda, 2017, Jason Cortlund, Amazon Prime

Really well-done, slow-burn thriller set in Austin.

Miss Stevens, 2016, Julia Hart, Netflix

Conscious and empathic, low-key but not energyless. Everyone does a really good job.

Veronica, 2017, Paco Plaza, Netflix

I found this genuinely lovely and scary, but I had somehow missed the hype about it, which would've lessened the scares but not the loveliness. I am perhaps predisposed to like a 1991 teen horror thriller set in Spain.

Pickle (short), 2016, Amy Nicholson, Amazon Prime
A short documentary she made about her parents' attempts at rescuing so many animals, all of whom die. It's actually really heartwarming and funny.


Fever Dream: A novel

Brief, brilliant, horrifying, gorgeous. Best thing I've read in awhile.


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