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Some Horror recommendations pt.5

Part One: Good For Parties Part Two; Bad Dreams Part Three: Clever and Scary Part Four: Fresh and Visceral Part Five: Trauma, Grief, and Ghosts The Dark, Justin P. Lange, 2018 Amazon Prime "A murderous, undead girl haunts the remote stretch of woods where she was killed decades earlier. One night, she discovers a blind boy hiding in the trunk of one of her victim's cars. Her decision to let the boy live throws her solitary existence into upheaval, and ultimately forces her to re-examin e just how much of her humanity her murderer was able to destroy." Beautiful, harsh, kind, and underrated. A Dark Song , Liam Gavin, 2017 Netflix " A heartbroken woman and recluse occultist perform an ancient,  dark  ritual to bring her child back to life..." This is a kind and lovely and sad and brutal little Irish horror film.  Southbound, Radio Silence, Roxanne Benjamin, David Bruckner, and Patrick Horvath, 2015.

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