In Order

I've filled my lungs with fog.
I have sobbed in certain familiar attics
where each fond object had been
hung or shoved away by hands
whose roughness I had loved,
and the carpet smelled of beloved dogs.

Now that that grief's gone and others come
I come back again to understand
the first one, plum blossoms brushing
the attic window as I look out upon
a yard that has been left untended
by any hand but that of God.

Danielle Chapman


R.T. said…
Hi Danielle- I'm 22 and I've just finished applying to 11 schools. I feel like it's so different being young, married, and doing the MFA.

I'd love to hear more about your writing, schools, and life. Are you from the Dekalb area originally? What kind of jobs do you guys have and what does your husband want to do?
R.T. said…
We just moved here from San Diego, CA a year ago. We live in Glen Ellyn/Wheaton area. Anyway, I'll wait to hear from you!
R.T. said…
Hi Danielle- Thanks for writing back. Your plans sound exciting. What kind of printmaking does your husband do? Will he go to school when you're done with the MFA?

We came out here so my husband could get his MA at Wheaton. He wanted to work with someone in the history dept. and he just graduated this winter. Michael wants to get his PhD in history (Wilson/ Progressive Era).

We're doing exactly what you're doing- waiting to hear and just working.

11 schools was exhausting. I lost my cool a few times. Anyhow- I don't know a lot of people in the area. But I'd love to get together over tea and hear about your writing and maybe commiserate on the mfa anxiety.

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