So, we moved to Indiana. TJ has a museum job and I work at a library while we housesit for his parents, who are living in Belgium for three years and did not want to sell their home.
This is my back yard:

the bedroom:

The Country:


R.T. said…
The bedroom is beautiful-- the country, too. Are you in Indiana for three years, then?

I adore your blog-- it's my gateway to good modern poetry.

How is writing going? Are you going another round with MFAs this year?
We are definitely here for two years, but it will probably be three.
Writing is going surprisingly good, considering I have never been a non-student or had to scrounge up this much self-discipline. I'm going to eventually take some post-bac classes, though. I miss academia terribly already.

Glad to see you are getting settled in. I will be following your adventures closely! (and, jealous-ly!)
oh, and I forgot to answer you about the MFA- I'm going to sit this year out, for sure. I think I have a ways to go before my work is ready for another round of apps.

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